*Please Read All Rules*


Please remember that as the host of the event, you are responsible for every guest that enters the property during your booking. It is your responsibility to ensure all guests follow the rules and that the space is left in the condition it was found. We truly want every event to go perfectly for you and your guests but we have encounter bad experiences when some guests are not aware of all the rules.

PARKING *Important*

For larger groups, please avoid taking up all neighboring street parking spots. We ask that guests carpool when possible & park on the adjacent side street(s). Absolutely no blocking of driveway (ours or anyone else’s) or blocking the sidewalk as we have had neighbor complaints in the past. Also, please no gathering in the front driveway or in front of the house either before, during, or after the booking.

FRONT YARD *Important*

There is to be absolutely no activity in the front yard besides entering/exiting/loading/unloading. Please make sure all guests understand this is a private residence and we cannot have anyone hanging out or chatting in front of the house.


We provide a dedicated outdoor bathroom for you and your guests. The bathroom does have sensitive pipes so we ask that only toilet paper be flushed. If any other items are flushed and results in a clog, we will have to charge all plumbing an repair fees to the host of the event.


Please note that we do have neighbors on each side & out of respect for them, we ask that noise levels be kept to a low-medium. Please refrain from loud & excessive yelling or screaming, especially from children. We do have a sound system in the backyard which can be turned all the way up. No outside sound systems allowed.


Please take into account setup time when booking as we do NOT guarantee setup time outside of the booked time-frame. Generally providing setup time outside of the booking takes up time from cleaning, other bookings, and most importantly is not covered by PeerSpace Insurance. For larger events, we may be able to arrange a discounted price for setup. Remember this is our family’s space so early setup takes away from our time to use the space.


The space should be left as close to the way it was found as possible. We provide 1 large trash bin (2 for large events) for your use. Any trash that doesn’t fit in the provided trash can must be taken with you. If trash is left outside of the provided bin(s), there will be a $20 charge per bag of trash.


Our pool has a large baja shelf area that is great for smaller kids or adults who only want the put their feet in. It goes up to 7 feet on the deep end. Please note that no lifeguard will be on duty, but you are welcome to book one for your event.


Please let us know if you will be bringing any dogs. They are allowed in the backyard, but we ask that they remain out of the pool/jacuzzi.


Extending the reservation on the day of the event will be subject to availability. We ask that you give us as much heads up as possible to extend your booking so we can plan accordingly. If there is already a booking after yours, we will not be able to extend. We do always advise guests book for the amount of time they think they will want to avoid not being able to extend as it is pretty common for guests to extend due to booking too little time.

This is our residence so we ask that guests treat our space & neighbors with respect.

Thank you so much for looking and we can’t wait to host your next event!!