Free Amenities


Free wifi is provided throughout the space. Additional info listed on sign at the space.

Pool Floats/Toys

Various Pool Toys/Floats provided

Lounge Chairs

2 Lounge Chairs

Small Fridge

Small fridge, freezer and fridge have seperate doors.


Patio Table & Chairs

Patio table with 6 chairs and umbrella.

Corn Hole

2 Corn holes with 4 bags each.

Premium Amenities

Inflatable Pool Slide

Slide is ideal for kids of all ages.

Mini Bounce House

Bounce house features bounce space, slide, and can be attached to a water hose for extra fun on a hot day. For ages 2-10 years old.


TV w/ Soundbar

60″ TV with soundbar, chromecast and bluetooth.


Extra Tables & Benches

We have up to¬† three 6′ tables each come with two 6′ benches.

We also have smaller 4′ table.